A Trusted Supplier of Custom UHV Vacuum Components

Industrial vacuum components are used in a diverse range of applications, from research and development to high-tech motion and manipulation processes. Nor-Cal Products is a premier supplier of standard, modified standard and custom vacuum components for virtually any industrial application. Our vacuum components are fabricated to the latest edition of the ASME BPV codes, and each of our high and UHV vacuum components are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet ISO 9001:2015 certified standards.

Our experienced engineers can machine vacuum components based on your exact specifications. Electropolishing and cleanroom assembly and packaging services are available upon request.

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High & UHV Vacuum Components for Industrial Uses

Our ultra-high components are frequently used in research and industrial settings. We understand that our components need to withstand specific pressure forces, achieve UHV conditions and meet additional criteria during physical, chemical, and electrochemical experiments. Frequent industrial applications include:
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Applications
  • Welding
  • Prototyping
  • Metal Stamping & Forging

Custom High & UHV Vacuum Components

We are in full supply of 304 stainless steel vacuum products and can customize high vacuum components and UHV vacuum components based on your specific requirements. Our main vacuum components offering includes:

Nor-Cal’s High & Ultra-High Component Processing Methods

Design & Engineering
Our engineering capabilities give us the freedom to create chambers, tees, valves and more to meet your specific needs under ISO 9001:2015-Certified production process.

Nor-Cal Products’ manufacturing capabilities allow us to fabricate exhaust weldments, ion pump bodies and other special assemblies for industrial uses from a single piece of tubing.

Prototyping & Product Development
We utilize an in-house research and development facility, expert engineers, and comprehensive prototype machining capabilities to assist in creating custom vacuum components to meet your specific requirements. Our elite team of engineers performs the required testing, including pressure characterization and software testing, to ensure your vacuum systems and components perform optimally and meet industry standards. Frequent tests include
  • Pressure Characterization
  • Thermal Characterization
  • Conductance Characterization

Why Choose Nor-Cal For High & Ultra-High Vacuum Components

We machine durable, strong UHV components designed to reduce leaks and optimize the lifespan of your vacuum system. Our components are fabricated from 304/304L and 316/316L grade stainless steel and can machine parts to meet extremely close tolerances across various industries. Our hybrid KANBAN/MRP manufacturing technique reduces manufacturing cycle time and allows us to guarantee overnight delivery throughout the continental United States on all stocked products. Nor-Cal Products is proud to be trusted around the world for our ISO 9001:2015, ASME BPV U-Stamp certified vacuum components.

Contact Nor-Cal Products For UHV Components For Industrial Applications

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