Motorized Actuation for Rotary Feedthroughs

The rare earth magnetic series rotary drives are designed to provide exceptional, long life performance. They are UHV compatible and are an excellent option to conventional bellows sealed and other rotary devices. They can be adapted to pulsed laser deposition (PLD) target clocking and continuous rotation of targets and substrates, as well as applications that require small profiles and high performance. There are no sliding seals or magnets in vacuum and stray magnetic fields are virtually nonexistent. The in-vacuum armature is made of paramagnetic materials with stainless steel and silicon nitride bearings and is capable of repeated bake-out to 200ºC with magnets removed. Out-of-vacuum bearings are accessible for lubrication and the magnet drive is easily removable.

Motorized Actuation for Rotary Feedthroughs Features

  • 1.33” CF or 2.75” CF mounting flange
  • 10⁻¹⁰ torr vacuum range
  • Any mounting orientation
  • Custom shaft lengths available
  • Maximum bakeout temperature of 200°C, with drive removed
  • Rotary probe .25” or .375” diameter
  • Speed: 5-95 RPM
  • Torque: 50 oz in-1, 100 oz in.
Nor-Cal Products offers the researcher complimentary devices for sample transfer and positioning in ultra-high vacuum systems. Combined with our vacuum chambers, load locks, gate valves, all-metal valves, feedthroughs, viewports and roughing accessories, we can provide a complete turn-key research system. Each standard component can readily be customized to meet our customer’s specific requirements, such as sample heating and cooling, special lengths or stepper motor drivers. All of Nor-Cal Products’ sample transfer and manipulation devices are made from the highest quality materials and lubricants to withstand repeated UHV bakeouts.

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