Vacuum Isolation Valves

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Isolation valves serve a wide range of purposes on every vacuum system. PV V&E offers 304 and 316 stainless steel and aluminum vacuum isolation valves for nearly every requirement, including HV and UHV applications. 
Find the valve to meet your specific requirements by searching our detailed product selection below:
  • Angle & Inline Valves
  • Linear Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Isolation Pendulum Valves
  • UHV Bakeable All Metal Valves
Request a quote on our fully stocked and finished line of common valve sizes and types designed to meet your project requirements. Need a standard valve customized or can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Contact us today!

Vacuum Isolation Valves Features

  • All-metal valves capable of high temperature bake-outs
  • Angle and In-line valves from DN10 to DN100, and larger
  • Flange Types: ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, ISO-F, CF (Conflat), ASA and JIS
  • Isolation pendulum valves
  • Linear gate valves for HV and UHV applications
  • Robust vacuum ball valves

Angle & Inline Valves

Isolate sections of your vacuum systems with our comprehensive lineup of stainless steel angle and inline valves available in different actuation methods, body styles, and flange options. Find a solution to your project needs with manually actuated pneumatic valves, double-acting valves, pneumatic, single-acting valves, and more.
  • Capable of high-temperature bake-outs
  • From DN10 to DN100, and larger
  • Flange Types: ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, ISO-F, CF (Conflat), and ASA

Linear Gate Valves

Enable reliable, compact ways to isolate sections of your vacuum system with our linear gate valves, designed for use in HV and UHV applications. Nor-Cal carries a variety of stainless steel valves with position sensors and switches, including manually actuated valves, pneumatic double-acting valves, individual replacement parts, and more.
  • Choice of common pilot valve voltages
  • FKM seals standard. Many others possible
  • Manual and electro-pneumatic double-actuated valves

Ball Valves

Seal vacuum systems with high process by-product content with our 316L stainless steel, chemistry-resistant PTFE manual & pneumatic ball valves.
  • In-line port configurations
  • FKM shaft seals standard. Many others possible
  • Manual and electro-pneumatic actuation, including Normally Closed, Normally Open, and Double Acting

Isolation Pendulum Valves

Nor-Cal carries pneumatic, double-acting isolation pendulum valves for all your rough and high-vacuum applications. Our lightweight, aluminum isolation pendulum valves are surface coated for increased resistance against process chemistry attacks.
  • Bright dip cleaned or hard anodized surface finish
  • Choice of position sensors and common pilot valve voltages
  • Double-acting pneumatic operation

UHV Bakeable All Metal Valves

Complete your vacuum system with our fully welded, UHV bakeable all metal valves with Conflat flanges. Available options include flange valves, leak valves, and replacement parts.
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • OFHC copper and Sapphire seats
  • Optional Heaters

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