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Linear & Rotary Motion Vacuum Feedthroughs

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Linear rotary feedthroughs are offered in magnetically coupled, bellows sealed, and differentially pumped o-ring sealed versions. These feedthroughs are normally manually actuated. Typically these feedthroughs are used for sample introduction or manipulation.

Linear & Rotary Motion Vacuum Feedthroughs Features

  • Linear force up to 15 pounds depending on feedthrough
  • Maximum bakeout 200°C depending on feedthrough
  • Vacuum range from ≥10⁻⁵ to ≥10⁻¹⁰ mbar depending on feedthrough

Nor-Cal Products offers the researcher complimentary devices for sample transfer and positioning in ultra-high vacuum systems. Combined with our vacuum chambers, load locks, gate valves, all-metal valves, feedthroughs, viewports and roughing accessories, we can provide a complete turn-key research system. Each standard component can readily be customized to meet our customer’s specific requirements, such as sample heating and cooling, special lengths or stepper motor drivers. All of Nor-Cal Products’ sample transfer and manipulation devices are made from the highest quality materials and lubricants to withstand repeated UHV bakeouts.

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