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Fused Silica (Quartz) Viewports

Zero length fused silica viewports are available in NW, ISO and CF flange versions and feature a one-piece welded construction. Zero length fused quartz viewports are available in NW40 and NW50 flange versions and are an FKM o-ring sealed assembly, using the standard NW clamp. The quartz window is easily replaced if damaged.

Fused Silica (Quartz) Viewports Features

  • 304 stainless steel NW, ISO or CF flanges
  • Elastomer flange maximum bakeout temperature 200°C
  • Fused silica or quartz material
  • Metal seal flange maximum bakeout temperature 400 °C
Nor-Cal Products offers a complete line of viewports for vacuum chambers with NW, ISO and CF flanges. CF flanged viewports are available with fully annealed 7056 glass or fused quartz. Special materials and coatings, such as sapphire and anti-reflective (AR) coating, are available on request. Glass provides a large distortion free viewing area at low cost. Quartz provides superior ultraviolet radiation transmission and resistance to thermal shock. Glass CF flanged viewports can withstand repeated bakeout cycles to 400°C and vacuum pressures to 10-11 Torr. Quartz CF flanged viewports should not be baked above 200°C. NW and ISO flanged viewports can withstand 200°C bakeouts and pressures to 10-9 Torr.

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