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Flange-To-Flange Vacuum Adapters

Flange-to-flange adapters allow you to securely hold pipe and vacuum system sections together without creating leaks or cracks in your existing system. Nor-Cal Products manufactures quality flange-to-flange vacuum adapters from 304 stainless steel tubing and a selection of common flanges such as ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, ISO-F, CF (Conflat). 

A variety of configurations are possible, including straight adapters, conical adapters, tee adapters, cross adapters, and zero-length double-sided flange adapters. Each vacuum adapter type has unique benefits depending on your specific application or industry needs.

Flange-To-Flange Vacuum Adapter Features

  • Additional adaptors are available. Contact us today!
  • Most common materials, sizes, and combinations offered
  • Enables easy joining of two different flanges or fittings
  • Our most popular types & combinations listed below

Flange-To-Flange Adapter Types

Conical Adapter

Conical adapters are ideal for connecting soft-walled tubing to rigid-walled tubing. The high conductance conical profile is easy to install and allows you to adapt larger CF and ISO vacuum flanges to smaller K and KF flanges. Our conical adapters feature rotatable and non-rotatable fittings and come in a variety of sizes to meet the requirements of your existing system.

Tee Adapter

Tee adapters allow you to add an additional outlet to your existing water supply valve. Nor-Cal tee adapters have exceptional temperature ranges and are manufactured in a variety of sizes depending on the specifications of your existing system. Standard applications include adding an outlet for washing machines or faucets.

Cross Adapter

Cross adapters are used to connect pipes, control fluid flow, or change fluid direction in a piping system. Cross adapters are ideal for applications in which thermal expansion won’t negatively impact the piping system, including pneumatic applications. Different adapter thread sizes are available depending on your needs and application.

Straight adapters

Straight adapters use a rotatable and non-rotatable flange to connect thread pipes to standard pipes. Nor-Cal’s stainless steel adapters can handle high-pressure applications. Required installation hardware is also available for purchase.

Nor-Cal Flange-To-Flange Adapter Services

Nor-Cal Products manufactures and provides a full line of flanges, fittings, and adapters for vacuum applications.
We offer ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, ISO-F, CF (Conflat), ASA, Wire Seal and EVAC Chain Clamp style flanges and fittings to fit almost every application. We specialize in manufacturing components from 304 or 316 stainless steel and offer several items in aluminum. Custom flanges are also available upon request. Customers are encouraged to complete their projects with Nor-Cal centering rings, gaskets, clamps, bolts, and other hardware components.
Nor-Cal proudly maintains a large inventory to allow for prompt delivery and meet customer demand.

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