Single Fill / Vent Tube Traps

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) traps are excellent at removing condensable gasses before they can damage or contaminate other components. Our single tube models allow for easy refilling manually or can be used with auto-fill devices. Our two piece construction allows for easy removal and cleaning without disconnecting from the vacuum line. . 

Single Fill / Vent Tube Traps Features

  • Dewar is removable without disconnecting from line
  • Drains, vents and other options available
  • Large single tube to fill manually or use with an auto-fill device
  • Right angle and in-line body designs
Since its founding in 1962, Nor-Cal Products has been designing and building standard and custom foreline traps for the vacuum industry. These traps range in complexity from simple sealed coaxial traps designed to prevent oil backstreaming, to the triple-pass water cooled traps, which remove condensable gasses that contaminate mechanical pump oil or other parts of the system. Except for the permanently sealed one-piece body coaxial models, all Nor-Cal traps disassemble easily with a FKM O-ring and V-clamp. The two piece body allows for easy removal for cleaning or replacement. Standard finish for all traps is beadblast. Electropolish finish is available on request. 

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