Vacuum Feedthroughs

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Complete your vacuum system with Nor-Cal Products’ extensive line of liquid and electrical feedthroughs. Our product line consists of the most commonly required feedthroughs for general vacuum applications. Customs designs or modified standards can readily be supplied.
Robust ceramic to metal electrical feedthroughs have electrical ratings for operation with one side in dry atmosphere while the opposite end is in a stable vacuum.  Liquid and liquid nitrogen feedthroughs are available without fittings or terminated with industry standard Swagelok® or Cajon® VCR tube fittings. Watercooled liquid feedthroughs are a cost-effective and reliable way to introduce water into a vacuum system. Liquid nitrogen feedthroughs are constructed with dual and coaxial tube geometries to reduce condensation and ice buildup on the atmosphere side of the feedthrough around the mounting flange interface, protecting the seal’s integrity.


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