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ISO-KF (NW) Bored & Blank Flanges

Nor-Cal Products, Inc dba Pfeffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering's ISO-KF (NW) flanges are designed to ISO 2861 specifications in sizes DN10 to DN50. Bored weld ring flanges fit standard USA tube sizes from 3/8 to 2 inches.

Our flanges are compatible with other manufacturers' ISO-KF style flanges and can be joined using standard centering ring seals and wing nut clamps, bulked clamps, or finger clamps.

ISO-KF (NW) Bored & Blank Flanges Features

  • 304 or 316L
  • Bored and blank flanges
  • Short and long weld necks
  • Socket weld preps
PV V&E manufactures and provides a full line of flanges, fittings, and adapters for vacuum applications. We offer ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, ISO-F, CF (Conflat), ASA, Wire Seal, and EVAC Chain Clamp style flanges and fittings to fit almost every application. Custom flanges are available upon request.

We specialize in manufacturing components from 304 or 316 stainless steel, with several items available in aluminum as well. Centering rings, gaskets, clamps, bolts, and other hardware components are available to complete your project. PV V&E proudly maintains a large inventory for prompt deliveries and to meet those unexpected demands.

Why Choose PV V&E's ISO- KF Bored and Blank Flanges

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering is dedicated to continually improving our manufactured and purchased goods through implementing a carefully planned quality management system. We strive to meet our goal of 100% customer acceptance by manufacturing defect-free parts with on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and the best possible customer service every time. Our large inventory of ISO-KF Bored and Blank Flanges and extensive vacuum component portfolio enables us to fulfill low to high-volume product orders with a quick turnaround. Our skilled team of designers, engineers, and manufacturers provide unmatched customer service during each stage of your orders, from building a prototype to completion.

ISO Certified ISO-KF (NW) Bored and Blank Flanges 

Federal and industry-specific safety certifications identify industrial manufacturers that follow safe, legal, and effective machining practices. Nor-Cal Products, Inc dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of ISO-KF (NW) Bored and Blank flanges and additional high and ultra-high Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Flanges & Fittings, Traps & Filters, Feedthroughs and more. We take all the necessary quality control and inspection steps required to ensure that you receive high-performance vacuum components that meet your project demands. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified capabilities enable us to create custom components for several industries, including:
  • Semiconductor Processing Equipment
  • Electrochemical Research Systems
  • Aerospace Components
  • Medical Components
  • Leak Detection Equipment and more


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