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Single Tube Liquid Feedthroughs

Liquid feedthroughs are a cost-effective and reliable way to introduce water into a vacuum system. The .035" single wall construction is designed for the transport of water as a cooling agent.

Single Tube Liquid Feedthroughs Features

  • 304 stainless steel materials
  • Elastomer seal to 200°C
  • Elastomer seal vacuum range ≥10⁻⁸
  • Metal seal to 450°C
  • Metal seal vacuum range ≥10⁻¹⁰
  • Various tube fittings available
Nor-Cal Products’ line of liquid feedthroughs includes the most commonly required for medium, high and ultra-high vacuum applications. Tubing is .25 and .375 (6.35 and 9.53mm) inch OD, 304 stainless steel with CF or NW flanges. They are available without fittings or terminated with industry standard Swagelok or Cajon VCR fittings.  Maximum bakeout with CF flanges is 450ºC and 200ºC with NWs.  Vacuum ranges are 10-10 mbar and 10-8, respectively.

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