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A Premier Supplier of Industrial Vacuum Components

With a strong knowledge of design, welding, machining, forming, and cleaning stainless steel, Nor-Cal Products is a premier supplier to industrial equipment manufacturers, universities, and national laboratories for fabricating cost-effective stainless steel flanges, fittings, and custom components.
Headquartered in Yreka, California Nor-Cal Products is a premier global source for innovative engineering, precision manufacturing, and exceptional service and support. We are now a division of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, and are proud to be trusted around the world for our ISO 9001:2015, ASME BPV U-Stamp certified vacuum components.
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Nor-Cal Products is headquartered in Yreka, California

Vacuum Component Manufacturing Capabilities

Our elite team of designers and engineers have experience machining vacuum components to meet virtually any industrial applications.
We can manufacture custom vacuum
and Ultra-Clean Vacuum (UCV) components
based on your exact specifications.
Our capabilities include electropolishing and cleanroom
assembly and packaging services.
Our core Capabilities include:

ISO 9001:2015, ASME Certified Vacuum Components

We are committed to providing consistent, high-quality components and exceptional customer service that will continue to make us a preferred supplier for OEMs, and industrial and research end-users. Nor-Cal Products is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high and ultra-high Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Flanges & Fittings, Traps & Filters, Feedthroughs, and more.
Additionally, we are an ASME-certified manufacturer of pressure vessels, including vacuum system components. We take all necessary quality control and inspection steps required to ensure that you receive high-performance vacuum components that meet or exceed your project demands.

High-Quality Vacuum Products For Multiple Industries

Our knowledge of vacuum components and solutions with our commitment to developing new components and services is growing in step with the exciting and ever-emerging applications that require a vacuum environment. While our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce quality vacuum components for a number of industries, frequent applications include but are not limited to:
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Research laboratories
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Energy and aerospace
  • Life and health sciences development 

Vacuum Products & Components

Our large inventory of vacuum components enables us to fulfill low-volume to high-volume product orders with quick turnaround times. In addition to our custom vacuum capabilities, we are in full supply of 304 stainless steel vacuum products such as:

Discover the value of doing business with Nor-Cal Products

Our friendly sales engineers and technical support teams are dedicated to understanding your processes, challenges and goal. Through this understanding we are able to suggest solutions and procedures that will save you time and money. Begin your journey with Nor-Cal Products by locating your local sales engineer!
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