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Bell Jars

Bell Jars are available in various sizes and can be combined with our Baseplates and Feedthrough Collars. The bell jars are supplied with a single dovetail grooved base flange which can mate to a feedthrough collar or baseplate. A 4" ID glass viewport, as well as a lifting lug, are included. The standard material construction is 304 SS with a glass bead finish.

Bell Jars Features

  • 304 stainless material
  • Available in 12", 18" and 24" diameters
  • Glass Bead or Electropolish Finish
  • Includes one FKM O-ring
Nor-Cal Products, Inc dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering has earned a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum chambers. The quality, appearance, and performance of our chambers are unequaled. We supply single chambers designed from customer specifications for university or national laboratory research projects and production quantity chambers that are built-to-print for equipment manufacturers. Semiconductor, thin-film deposition, and compound semiconductor processing are common applications for our high-vacuum, O-ring sealed chambers operating at pressures down to 1x10-9 Torr. Vacuum-fired 316L stainless steel, electropolishing, and metal seals are recommended for ultra-high vacuum surface science chambers that operate at pressures in the 1x10-11 Torr range. Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering can fabricate vacuum chambers in a wide range of shapes and sizes with doors, stands, water jackets, and Mumetal shields. Please consult our Product Managers for exact capabilities. We offer a complete line of vacuum chamber accessories, including load locks, sample transfer and positioning devices, liquid and electrical feedthroughs, viewports, and roughing components.

Custom Bell Jars

Our elite team of designers and engineers is dedicated to producing the highest quality, ISO 9001:2015-Certified Bell Jars to meet your application requirements. We start with select grade 304 stainless steel to produce the highest-grade, corrosion-resistant Bell Jars. Our CNC machining and tube bending capabilities allow us to form close tolerances and manufacture custom components to your specifications. We can manufacture Bell Jars to meet low to high-volume orders and fulfill Ultra-Clean (UCV) components. PV V&E's manufacturing capabilities include electropolishing and cleanroom assembly and packaging services. Our additional strong in-house capabilities support the quality of our components and services in various areas, including Engineering, Logistics, and Quality Assurance.

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