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Driving Innovation Since 1962

For over six decades, Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering, originally founded as Nor-Cal Products, Inc., has been at the forefront of customized chamber development, weldments, and the provision of a diverse portfolio of standard vacuum components for industrial vacuum systems. With an in-house research and development facility, seasoned engineers, and advanced prototype machining capabilities, we specialize in crafting custom vacuum components tailored to your precise requirements.

Our R&D Services

Customized Solutions: Our dedicated team of engineers collaborates closely with clients to design and test customer-specified products, ensuring optimal performance and adherence to industry standards.

Comprehensive Prototyping: From pressure and thermal characterization to conductance and software testing, our prototyping services cover a wide range of industry needs, saving both time and costs during the design phase.

Benefits of Prototyping and Product Development

Enhanced Performance: By prototyping and developing vacuum components based on your requirements, we enhance the performance of existing industrial vacuum systems, reducing downtime during installation and maintenance costs.

Tailored Support: Our customized components are meticulously crafted to meet your application-specific needs, whether it's double-walled vacuum chambers, sample transfer devices, specialized foreline traps, or more.

Why Choose Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering?

We are committed to the continual improvement of our prototyped and manufactured goods through a meticulously planned quality management system. With strong in-house capabilities spanning logistics, manufacturing, and quality assurance, we ensure defect-free parts, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and unparalleled customer service.

Partner with us and experience the difference of working with a trusted industry leader dedicated to meeting your HV and UHV vacuum system needs.
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