Industrial Vacuum Adapters & Transitions

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Adapters are essential building blocks for any vacuum system due to the added ability to incorporate components and instrumentation with different fittings or flanges. Similarly, aluminum-to-stainless transitions and glass-to-Kovar adapters enable vacuum systems to include materials aside from stainless steel. Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering's product line offers a comprehensive selection of industrial vacuum adapters and transitions with flanged end terminations, including ISO-KF (NW), ISO-K, CF (Conflat), and ASA. Our prototyping and production capabilities enable us to create adapters and transitions to the highest industry standards, and our in-house manufacturing facility allows for quick and accurate shipping on the following products.



Industrial Vacuum Adapters & Transitions Features

  • Custom designs possible – just ask us.
  • Flange to fitting adapters with Swagelok, VCR, NPT, Quick Disconnect (QD) and Welch Pump connections
  • Flange to flange adapters with straight and conical tubes,, tees, crosses and zero-length double sided flanges

Flange-to-Fitting Adapters

We offer adapters with Swagelok, VCR, NPT, Quick Disconnect (QD), and Welch Pump connections.

Flange-to-Flange Adapters

Our flange-to-flange adapters are compatible with straight and conical tubes, tees, crosses, and zero-length double-sided flanges.

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PV V&E Adapters, Transitions and Fittings Product Information

Flange-to-Flange Adapters

Flange-to-flange adapters create leak-tight and gas-tight seals between vacuum system sections by forming secure connections that withstand vibrations and external pressures. PV V&E offers flange-to-flange adapters in a variety of configurations depending on your specific application, including Conical Adapters, Tee Adapters, Cross Adapters, and Straight Adapters.


  • Most common materials, sizes, and combinations offered
  • Enables easy joining of two different flanges or fittings
  • 304 stainless steel option

Flange-to-Fitting Adapters

We manufacture and provide a full line of flange-to-fitting adapters with single and multiple fitting options. Our flange-to-fitting vacuum adapters are compatible with most major vacuum manufacturer models, including Swagelok, VCR, Quick Disconnect (QD), NPT, and Welch Pump. 


  • Most common materials, sizes, and combinations are offered.
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel options
  • Quick connect designs

Zero Length Flange Adapters

Zero-length flange adapters allow you to adapt two different size knife-edge flanges that need to be joined within your system. Nor-Cal manufactures these flanges in a range of common-size combinations.


  • Most common sizes and combinations offered
  • High-grade 304 stainless steel option
  • Easily customizable

Aluminum to Stainless Transitions

Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering’s aluminum-to-stainless transitions utilize an explosion-bonded composite of aluminum, stainless steel, and two other UHV materials to form UHV steals in aluminum vacuum systems. Form reliable, leak-tight seals by ordering as a complete unit welded to a stainless steel CF flange or purchasing separately for welding to your own CF flange.


  • Flangeless with tube weld prep
  • With CF (Conflat) flanges

Why Choose PV V&E Products?

Nor-Cal Products, Inc dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering is dedicated to continually improving our manufactured and purchased goods through implementing a carefully planned quality management system. Our skilled engineering team can accommodate custom design requirements. We strive to meet our primary goal of 100% customer acceptance by manufacturing defect-free parts with on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and the best possible customer service. Our strong in-house capabilities support the quality of our components and services in a variety of areas, including:

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