Vacuum Tubing and Weld Fittings

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Weld fittings are the main feedstock for manufacturing flanged vacuum fittings. NorCal Products, Inc. dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering produces standard and custom tube weldings that are capable of creating custom-designed manifolds, forelines, and long-run connections to pumps and other facilities in the sub-fab. We fabricate our vacuum weld fittings from high-quality stainless steel tubing for improved corrosion resistance. Our team of engineers utilize techniques such as port pulling, boring, and coping, and CNC tube bending in fabricating these widely used shapes. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing processes ensure your vacuum system nipples, elbows, tees, and components exceed your performance requirements.

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Vacuum Tubing and Weld Fittings Features

  • 304 stainless steel standard
  • 316L stainless steel optional

Reducer Nipples Weld Fittings

We manufacture reducer nipple weld fittings from formed 304 stainless steel. These conical reducers form simpler, straight transitions between tubes of different diameters. Experience smooth transitions with low conductance losses. Multiple OD and lengths are in-stock with customization options.

Elbows Weld Fittings

Our standard flanged elbow fittings are manufactured from CNC bent tubing and form a 45- 90- or 180-degree bend with custom bend options. Port lengths range from 1” to 3,” with miter and radius elbow types.

Tees Weld Fittings

Tee weld fittings are used to make standard flanged fittings as well as build-to-print custom manifolds where 90-branches of the same or a different diameter is required. Our 304 stainless steel weld tees are available in port lengths from 0.750" to 6.06", with specific models featuring two different port lengths.

Crosses Weld Fittings

Vacuum cross fittings join multiple outlets, create branch lines in an existing vacuum system, or even construct a small impromptu vacuum chamber. We offer 4-way, 5-way, 6-way, and reducer cross fittings manufactured from stainless steel. Tube OD and port lengths vary and can be customized upon request.

End Caps Weld Fittings

End cap weld fittings can put a welded termination on a vacuum tube or pump header or create unique pumpline geometries in your vacuum system. Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering carries fittings with extended tangents ideal for orbital welders. These stainless steel end caps can fit every standard tube size.

Flexible Bellows Hose Fittings

Our flexible hose fittings are manufactured from 321 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel end cuffs. These are used in the fabrication of standard flanged flex hoses, or in custom manifolds that require a flexible section.


We offer a complete line of 304/304L and 316/316L grade stainless steel tubing in 10-foot lengths. Special cleaning and packaging processes are available upon request.

Tubing and Weld Fittings Features

Our tubing & weld fitting specifications vary depending on the exact component. General features of our tubing and weld fitting components include:
  • 304 stainless steel standard
  • 316L stainless steel optional
  • Alternate materials available
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Why Choose PV V&E?

Nor-Cal Products, Inc dba Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering bored and blank flanges are perfect for use in high vacuum or UHV custom vacuum system designs or in the fabrication of discrete vacuum fittings. Our strong in-house capabilities support the quality of our components and services in a variety of areas, including:

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