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Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering Receives Blue Sky Award
Jun 17, 2024
Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering, a member of the Busch Group, received the Blue Sky Business Partner Luminary Award as the first award winner in the California service territory for its commitment to purchasing renewable energies.

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System Integrity begins with the Vacuum Chamber
Jan 30, 2020
Our reputation as a premier vacuum chamber fabricator is built on the quality, appearance and performance of our stainless steel and aluminum chambers and custom components. Chamber bodies can be spherical, cylindrical or rectangular. Water-cooled chambers and flanges with double walls or channels offer solutions for diffusion CVD, and other high-temp applications.

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Decrease process downtime with Nor-Cal Products Foreline Traps
Jul 19, 2019
Nor-Cal Products traps range in complexity from the sealed coaxial traps, which prevent oil backstreaming, to the triple-pass water cooled traps, which remove condensable gasses.

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Enabling Components for Emerging Technologies
Mar 19, 2019
Nor-Cal Products is honored to be a trusted source for custom chambers and components to TRIUMF, one of the world's leading subatomic physics laboratories. TRIUMF brings together dedicated physicists and interdisciplinary talent, sophisticated technical resources, and commercial partners in a way that has established the laboratory as a global model of success. 

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Achieve Maximum Dynamic Range with the NEW J-Lock Seal for IntellisysTM IQ+ Throttling Valves
Feb 12, 2019
IntellisysTM IQ+ Throttling Butterfly Valves are now available with new generation J-Lock actuation for optimal control and reliability. The tapered bore and dynamically energized spring-loaded seal offer maximum reliability, and robust performance.  The offset shaft prolongs the seal life.  The on-valve integral control and drive unit is fully REACH and RoHS compliant with 100% lead-free circuit board content.   

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Innovative 3-Position Pendulum Valve provides accurate, repeatable pressure control
Jan 17, 2019
Nor-Cal Products' innovative 3-position pendulum valve provides accurate, repeatable pressure control where traditional 3-position pendulum valves that vacuum isolation and rough pressure control via an adjustable air cylinder fail.

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