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Corporate Headquarters

The city of Yreka in northern California serves as the site for Nor-Cal Products’ headquarters. This 85,000 square foot campus houses the company’s principal manufacturing and clean room assembly facilities as well as inside sales, marketing, engineering, and administrative support functions.


Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
1967 South Oregon Street
Yreka, CA 96097 USA
Telephone:    (800) 824-4166 or (530) 842-4457

Bay Area Sales and Applications Office

Our Bay Area sales office is centrally located at the heart of the Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. With the acquisition of Nor-Cal Products by Pfeiffer Vacuum, we have combined our Bay Area offices with theirs. This office is near the world’s largest concentration of high tech-firms and facilities including national laboratories, universities, start-up R&D firms and OEM’s in the semiconductor, flat panel and photovoltaic industries.


Nor-Cal Products, Inc. / Pfeiffer Vacuum
2161 O'Toole Ave #40
San Jose, CA 95131, USA
Telephone:    1-800-824-4166
Fax:              530-842-9130

European Sales Office

Pfeiffer Vacuum Components & Solutions is a manufacturing and sales facility is close to a variety of vacuum equipment and process companies. This facility is the main stocking and distribution hub of Nor-Cal Products in Europe.


Pfeiffer-Vacuum Components & Solutions
Anna-Vandenhoeck-Ring 44
Göttingen 37081, Germany
Telephone:    +49 551 99963 0
Fax:              +49 551 99963-3010


Korean Sales & Service Office

Suwon, located forty kilometers south of Seoul, is at the epicenter for Korean semiconductor, flat panel, and solar equipment businesses. Nor-Cal Korea’s office operates as the main sales and service hub for the region and carries inventory to support the local customers’ component and spare parts needs.


Nor-Cal Products Korea

Gadong 2nd floor, 531-8
Gajang-ro, Osan-si Gyeonggi-do 18103, Korea
Telephone:        +82 31 8003-1341
Fax:      +82 31 8003-1342

Asia Pacific Sales Office & Warehouse

Nor-Cal Products’ Singapore office is responsible for direct sales, service, stocking, and product distribution in the Asia-Pacific region. It serves as a significant inventory location to support the growing local microelectronics, contract manufacturing, and OEM business ventures.


Nor-Cal Products Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Serangoon Garden
P.O. Box 428
Singapore, 915531
Telephone:    +65-6634-1228


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