Linear Gate Valves

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Linear gate valves provide a reliable and compact way to isolate sections of the vacuum system. Manufactured from various grades of stainless steel and available with either elastomer or copper gasket seals, these valves can be used for applications ranging from rough vacuum to UHV. 

Configurations include different actuation methods, body styles, and flange options – all aimed at having a solution for the most common uses in the vacuum industry.

Linear Gate Valves Features

  • Choice of common pilot valve voltages
  • FKM seals standard. Many others possible
  • Manual and electro-pneumatic double actuated valves
  • Position sensors and switches
  • Special request for Normally Closed & Normally Open configurations

ASME Certified Linear Gate Valve 

ASME BPV U-Stamp certified components are fabricated to the latest edition of the ASME BPV codes, which control vacuum chamber design, materials, fabrication, welder certification, test, and inspection. Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering is proud to be an ASME-certified manufacturer of pressure vessels, including vacuum system components. Our in-house capabilities allow us to monitor each stage of the Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Quality Assurance processes to ensure your Linear Gate Valve and additional vacuum components meet or exceed established industry standards. Specific ASME-certified parts include but are not limited to:

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