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Pneumatic, Double Acting Isolation Pendulum Valves

Nor-Cal’s Double Acting pneumatically actuated isolation pendulum valves offer a compact and light weight alternative to pump and chamber isolation, often employed on Semiconductor-, Flat Panel and In-line Coating systems. 

The valves are simple to install and easy to operate.  Nor-Cal’s product offering in this product area has satisfied customers’ expectations for decades and will be sure to fit your requirements today and in the future.

Pneumatic, Double Acting Isolation Pendulum Valves Features

  • Aluminum construction with an O-ring sealed rotary motion feed-through.
  • Easy to service in-situ using the removable bonnet cover.
  • High open conductance made possible by a fully retractable gate and a short flange-to-flange dimension.
  • ISO-F and JIS flange configurations
Nor-Cal Products offers a wide range of vacuum isolation solutions including angle and in-line valves, linear gate valves, vacuum ball valves, isolation pendulum valves and bakeable all-metal valves. 
Our isolation valve range has been an industry standard for decades and continue to be one of the premier choices for many vacuum system designers.

Note, however, that the Nor-Cal valves that you may be accustomed to seeing on our website have now been branded with the logo and color scheme our parent company Pfeiffer Vacuum.  A new part numbering system is also in place. 

If you require the original Nor-Cal branded product, or have questions about what has changed, please contact us directly so we may assist with your needs.

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