Isolation Pendulum Valves

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Isolation pendulum valves provide a reliable and compact way to isolate sections of the vacuum system. Manufactured mostly from aluminum, these valves are a lighter alternative to their stainless steel linear gate valves.  Isolation pendulum valves are suitable for rough- and high vacuum applications. 

Configurations include flange options and surface coatings for increased resistance against process chemistry attacks.

Isolation Pendulum Valves Features

  • Bright dip cleaned or hard anodized surface finish
  • Choice of position sensors and common pilot valve voltages
  • Double acting pneumatic operation
  • FKM seals standard. Many others possible

Isolation Pendulum Valves and Additional Vacuum Components

In addition to our industry-leading Isolation Pendulum Valves, Pfeiffer Vacuum Valves & Engineering offers custom components to complete or extend your existing vacuum system. Popular vacuum components include but are not limited to:

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