Ball Valve Replacement Parts

Using genuine Nor-Cal spare parts and refurbishment kits is a good way to extend the life of your isolation valve investment. 
Simple common tools are often sufficient to perform the service you need using our do-it-yourself instructions. 

Alternatively, Nor-Cal can provide the valve refurbishment.  Contact us for details.

Ball Valve Replacement Parts Features

  • Ball valve seal kit to replace aged, cracked or contaminated seals internal to the valve
  • Complete valve rebuild kits to change out all moving parts of the valve, including the elastomer and PTFE seals, polished ball and shaft bushings
  • Use the same elastomer type, or upgrade to a different one to better suit the process environment.
Nor-Cal Products offers a wide range of vacuum isolation solutions including angle and in-line valves, linear gate valves, vacuum ball valves, isolation pendulum valves and bakeable all-metal valves.
Our isolation valve range has been an industry standard for decades and continue to be one of the premier choices for many vacuum system designers.

Note, however, that the Nor-Cal valves that you may be accustomed to seeing on our website have now been branded with the logo and color scheme our parent company Pfeiffer Vacuum.  A new part numbering system is also in place.  If you require the original Nor-Cal branded product, or have questions about what has changed, please contact us directly so we may assist with your needs.

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