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Nor-Cal Products Components & Services Showcase

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Adapter Fittings

ASA Flanges

CF Flanges

Chamber Channels


Cloth Heater Jackets

Custom Aluminum Chamber

Differentially Pumped Rotary Seal

Electrical & Liquid Feedthroughs




Flange-to-Flange Adapters

Gate Valve With Heater

Gate Valves

Isolation Pendulum Valves

Linear / Rotary Motion Feedthroughs

Linear Gate Valves

Liquid Feedthrough

Manual Poppet Valve

NW Flanges

PMXY Stages

Precision Machining

Pressure Control Valves

Process Specific Foreline Traps

Rectangular Chamber

Globe Chamber

High Vacuum Chamber

Research & Development

Surface Science Chamber

Teos Trap

Ultra-High Vacuum Chamber

Large Chamber with many ports

Custom Chamber with Door

Custom Stainless Steel Chamber

Utility Hat

Vacuum Welding

Water Cooled Trap Baffles

Water Cooled Traps

Weld Fittings