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Custom Aluminum Vacuum Chambers

Nor-Cal Products, the premier manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum chambers, also manufactures welded aluminum chambers for high and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. Aluminum provides several advantages over stainless steel for the researcher or vacuum equipment manufacturer. Some of the benefits include lower material cost, lighter weight, faster machining, high thermal conductivity, low nuclear activation, low magnetic permeability, and low carbon and hydrogen outgassing. Aluminum plate, spheres or roll ups are welded with DC and/or AC GTAW or MIG. Welders are qualified to AWS D1.2/D1.2M:2003 and ASME Section IX testing requirements. Flanges are either aluminum for high-vacuum or utilize aluminum-to-stainless steel, explosion bonded transitions or CF flanges for ultra-high vacuum. Aluminum electropolish is also available to produce a pure aluminum oxide layer for extreme UHV applications. Nor-Cal Products can fabricate chambers up to approximately five by five by five feet with wall thicknesses ranging from .065 to 2.0 inches. As with all other Nor-Cal components, these chambers are leak checked with a helium mass spectrometer. CMM reports and RGA scans are also available upon request. E-mail your drawings to ncsales@n-c.com for an estimate for your aluminum chamber design. Or our engineering staff will design an aluminum chamber to meet your specifications. Nor-Cal can also provide all the valves, motion transfer, pressure control and roughing accessories to round out your vacuum system.

Chamber Material: 
     304SS, 304LSS, 316SS, 316LSS, aluminum, etc.  
Vacuum Level: 
     Base pressure and acceptable leak rate    
Surface treatment: 
     Glass bead finish, electropolish, chemical clean, etc.    
Special Requirements: 
     Vacuum bakeout, vacuum fire or RGA scan.    
Additional Hardware: 
     Blank-off flanges, manipulators, viewports, etc.    
Required Inspection Reports: 
     CMM inspection report printouts or certificate of conformance and/or material certificates

Nor-Cal Products has earned a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of high and ultra-high vacuum chambers. The quality, appearance and performance of our chambers are unequaled. We supply single chambers designed from customer specifications for university or national laboratory research projects, as well as production quantity chambers that are built-to-print for equipment manufacturers. Semiconductor, thin-film deposition and compound semiconductor processing are common applications for our high-vacuum, O-ring sealed chambers that operate at pressures down to 1x10-9 Torr. Vacuum fired 316L stainless steel, electropolishing and metal seals are recommended for ultra-high vacuum surface science chambers that operate at pressures in the 1x10-11 Torr range. Nor-Cal Products can fabricate vacuum chambers in a wide range of ncsales@n-c.com shapes and sizes with doors, stands, water jackets and Mumetal shields. Please consult our Product Managers for exact capabilities. We offer a complete line of vacuum chamber accessories that include load locks, sample transfer and positioning devices, liquid and electrical feedthroughs, viewports and roughing components.

Nor-Cal Products Guide to Custom Chambers and Weldments


Drawings may be e-mailed direct to our engineering department at ncsales@n-c.com


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