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ASA Flange

Nor-Cal Products manufactures an extensive line of flanged flexible couplings. The hydroformed bellows assemblies are typically used for alignment correction or vibration isolation. Flexible couplings normally feature thinner wall thickness with a greater number of convolutions per inch, resulting in more flexibility than standard flexible hoses. 
Nominal ID sizes:  3/8 to 12 inches (9.53-304.8mm)
    Bellows:  316L or 321 stainless steel
    Flanges:   304 stainless steel
        (316L available on request)
Vacuum Range:    
    Metal seal:  >1 x 10-10 mbar - UHV
    Elastomer seal:  >1 x 10-8 mbar - High  vacuum
Temperature Range: 
    Metal seal:  -200ºC to 450ºC
    Elastomer seal:  -20ºC to 150ºC 
Pressurizing the inside of thin wall stainless steel tubing inside a mold forms convolutions in flexible couplings and hoses. Generally speaking, when comparing flexible couplings to hoses, they are thinner walled, have more convolutions per inch resulting in greater flexibility and stroke, and are used for alignment or vibration isolation rather than as roughing lines. Being thinner, flexible couplings are more susceptible to mechanical damage than hoses. Nor-Cal Products’ flexible couplings have more convolutions than comparable products, resulting in greater flexibility and lower spring rates. Maximum compression for flexible couplings is typically 20% of the convolution (flexible) length. Extension is typically 10%. Couplings are available in 321 or 316L stainless steel in various lengths with NW, ISO, CF and ASA flanges.

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