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Tubing, Flexible Hose & Couplings

Nor-Cal Products is your source for a comprehensive range of tubing, flexible vacuum connections, hose, and couplings, along with PVC hose.  Flexible hose and couplings can dampen vibration issues and offer an expansion joint between pieces of equipment, and compensate for unusual geometries.  Flexible vacuum connections are typically made by using edge welded bellows, hydroformed flexible couplings, flexible hose or PVC hose. Nor-Cal Products offers flexible couplings and flexible hose as standards.  PVC hose offers a low-cost alternative to stainless steel flexible hose.  Edge-welded bellows provide the greatest stroke and flexibility but are more susceptible to damage.  They are also more expensive.  Edge welded bellows assemblies can be provided in a variety of materials as specials.  Our wide assortment of hose tubing products are sure to fit your specific needs.

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