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Differentially Pumped Rotary Seals

Differentially pumped rotary seals provide 360º of continuous rotation through the vacuum wall of a UHV system. They have two stages of differential pumping isolated by graphite-impregnated, expanded, Teflon seals on special sealing surfaces.  A pre-loaded ball bearing set accurately controls the rotating stage position, allowing the unit to be successfully used with manipulators and other precision positioning devices.  For easier and more accurate angle adjustment, a worm drive fine adjust option is available. Rotary seals are also available with an anti-backlash stepping or synchronous motor drive. Sizes up to 4 inch (101.6mm).ID are standard, while larger sizes are available on request.
    Flanges:  CF, tapped holes, one rotational and one stationary
    T-wrench included for adjustment
Motion:  360º rotation, two stage, differentially pumped with 360º vernier scale
Operating orientation:  Any Temperature
    Maximum bakeout:  150ºC 
    Operating:  20ºC (ambient)
Vacuum range:  > 10-11 mbar (UHV)
Readability:  Standard scale 1.0º, mechanical counter 0.1º, micro stepped motor 
    drive required for maximum resolution
Options:  Fine adjust worm drive “-W“, digital counters, stepper motors and other sizes available 
Nor-Cal Products offers the researcher complimentary devices for sample transfer and positioning in ultra-high vacuum systems. Combined with our vacuum chambers, load locks, gate valves, all-metal valves, feedthroughs, viewports and roughing accessories, we can provide a complete turn-key research system. Each standard component can readily be customized to meet our customer’s specific requirements, such as sample heating and cooling, special lengths or stepper motor drivers. All of Nor-Cal Products’ sample transfer and manipulation devices are made from the highest quality materials and lubricants to withstand repeated UHV bakeouts. 

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