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Pneumatic Angle-In-Line Poppet Valves

The N-Series Valves feature high cycle life and a small footprint in right-angle and in-line body styles. Constructed of Stainless Steel with NW16, 25, 40 and 50 flanges. All N-series valves are pneumatically actuated and are available with optional air solenoids and three types of open/close position sensors. 
  • Service Interval of >3,000,000 cycles
  • Long life edge welded bellows
  • Single service / replacement kit for all sizes
Our poppet valves are fully opening for high conductance and to prevent bellows contamination while the valve is in the open position, reducing particle contamination when the valve is cycled. Die-formed, 304 stainless steel bodies eliminate sharp inside corners and improve conductance. The valves are electropolished for lower outgassing and better corrosion resistance. The welded bellows are made from AM-350 stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility. They are designed with additional segments to provide extended life. 

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