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Bright Dipped, Heated 3-Position Pendulum Valves

Traditional 3-position valves accomplish vacuum isolation and rough pressure control via an adjustable air cylinder. Unfortunately, the single, mid-open set point is neither accurate, nor repeatable. Nor-Cal Products' 3-position throttling pendulum valve uses the patented IntellisysTM closed loop control technology to provide much better set point accuracy and repeatability, anywhere from 0.1 to 99.9% of stroke. Simple TTL inputs are used to trigger the controller and valve to go open, closed or to the third position, much in the same manner a 3-position air cylinder would be commanded using solenoid pilot valves. Alternatively, an RS-232 communications link is available for remote control and set-up to users who prefer this method of interface over the manual local mode. 
  • Fully opening for improved conductance
  • Aluminum body with or without hard anodization
  • Wide variety of O-ring compounds available
  • Sizes from 6" to 14"
  • Seals against 1 atmosphere delta-P
Nor-Cal Products’ pneumatically actuated isolation pendulum valves contain the same patented Penduroll mechanism that is found in the Intellisys throttling pendulum valves. These valves offer the user a highly reliable, compact and low cost alternative to competitive designs. In addition, the smooth actuation results in low particle generation and rapid open-to-close speeds. In-situ serviceability of the valve is made possible through the incorporation of a removable bonnet cover. The entire gate assembly and sealing o-ring can be accessed without removing the valve from the system, making regular inspections, cleanings and o-ring replacements quick and easy. 

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