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Hard Anodized, Unheated 2-Position Pendulum Valves

Nor-Cal Products' aluminum bodied pendulum valves offer the user an alternative to traditional linear gate valves. Fewer moving parts and less metal to metal contact means reduced particle generation and wear. Isolation pendulum valves are also often possible to install in tighter spaces due to their compact design.
  • Fully opening for improved conductance
  • Aluminum body with or without hard anodization
  • Wide variety of O-ring compounds available
  • Sizes from 6" to 14"
  • Seals against 1 atmosphere delta-P
Nor-Cal Products’ pneumatically actuated isolation pendulum valves contain the same patented Penduroll mechanism that is found in the Intellisys throttling pendulum valves. These valves offer the user a highly reliable, compact and low cost alternative to competitive designs. In addition, the smooth actuation results in low particle generation and rapid open-to-close speeds. In-situ serviceability of the valve is made possible through the incorporation of a removable bonnet cover. The entire gate assembly and sealing o-ring can be accessed without removing the valve from the system, making regular inspections, cleanings and o-ring replacements quick and easy. 

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