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Manual Butterfly Valves

Quarter-turn actuation, small footprint and the shortest possible gas path make manual butterfly valves the preferred choice for many applications. O-ring sealed plate and stem provide a low-cost alternative to bellows sealed gate valves. Manual butterfly valves have a vacuum range of 1x10-9 Torr. FKM seals are standard but other elastomers are available upon request. 
  • Low Cost
  • Shortest possible gas path
  • Quarter-turn actuation
Nor-Cal Products provides a variety of vacuum isolation valves in addition to our poppet and gate valves. Manual butterfly valves provide a low-cost, o-ring sealed stem and plate option. Quarter-swing ball valves provide a somewhat more robust PTFE and ball seal for "dirty" applications, while bakeable all-metal valves are designed for ultra-high vacuum integrity in the most demanding vacuum applications, such as synchrotron rings and particle accelerators. 

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