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Bright Dipped, Unheated Pressure Control Valves

IntellisysTM pendulum valves offer the user outstanding pressure control performance with the convenience and space savings of an on-valve mounted controller. The patended closed loop motor control technology allows for all sizes to be operated by a common drive unit. This results in the most simple, robust and cost effective drive solution on the market. Also available with JIS flanges in select sizes. 
  • Power input of +24 VDC
  • DeviceNet and EtherNet bus options
  • RS-232, RS-485 serial communicatons
  • Analog/TTL PLC interface CE & UL Tested and compliant
  • Consider using the convenient APC-PSM-DB15 power supply
Nor-Cal Products’ line of IntellisysTM throttling pendulum valves (TPV) provides equipment manufacturers with unmatched pressure control performance and low particle generation. Other pendulum valves use one actuation method to move the gate and another method to seal, creating an “out of control” area near the closed position. To compensate for this system designers often add secondary bypass lines with costly throttling butterfly valves for high pressure, high flow regimes, such as NF3 cleans. IntellisysTM TPVs utilize the same exclusive closed loop motor technology as other Nor-Cal Product control valves. The IntellisysTM closed loop motor control monitors and controls the exact position of the valve’s gate mechanism. When combined with an Intellisys adaptive pressure controller, the TPVs provide up to 20 million steps of positional resolution to locate the gate exactly where it needs to be to control pressure or to seal. In addition, the Nor-Cal Products control system's speed of actuation is unequaled in providing optimal transient response, pressure set-point stability and overall process improvement. Available controllers for TPVs include the buried box APC-family and the on-valve IQ-series. The controllers feature user interfaces including a local touch screen LCD and remote Analog/TTL, RS-232, RS-485, DeviceNet and Ethernet communications. 

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