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Cables & Accessories

To facilitate the completion of an IntellisysTM pressure control system Nor-Cal Products offers a comprehensive selection of cables, power supplies and related accessories. These include signal and communication cables, power cords, power supplies, spare and replacement parts. 
  • Beryllium Copper connectors with SS hardware (where applicable) Sold in packages of 10 pieces
The IntellisysTM throttling butterfly valves (TBV) are available in a wide range of sizes and flange types and come standard with compact and low cost direct drives. More powerful geared drives are available on the larger diameter valves. Both styles use long time proven and reliable off-the-shelf stepper motors that deliver smooth operation, high actuation speed and ultra-fine position resolution. Intellisys TBVs come in either the traditional non-sealing control-only variety, or the sealing TBVS type which can be used for foreline isolation as well as high pressure or low flow control. When combined with an IntellisysTM controller, the fast response Nor-Cal Products' TBVs enable vacuum systems to reach process pressures sooner, reducing cycle time and increasing throughput. Furthermore, the high precision valve movement assures pressure control accuracy at 0.25% of set point, and often well within. Available controllers for TBVs include the buried box APC-family and the on-valve IQ-series. The controllers feature user interfaces including a local touch screen LCD and remote Analog/TTL, RS-232, RS-485, DeviceNet and Ethernet communications.

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