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Heated CDGs - 160 Degrees Centigrade

Capacitance diaphragm gauges provide a very accurate means of measuring subatmospheric pressures at a reasonable cost. 160°C heated gauges offer the utmost in stability and and extra high process by-product resistance due to its high temperature. For less stringent applications consider the 100°C and 45°C heated or unheated version gauges. Also available in non heated models. 
  • Self heated and regulated to 160°C
  • 1 Torr, 10 Torr, 100 Torr and 1000 Torr ranges standard
  • Available with VCR, NW and CF fittings, or blank tube end
  • Requires +/- 15VDC input power at 550 mA continuous (620 mA during warm-up)
  • Optional DeviceNet communications.
  • CE Tested and compliant
Nor-Cal Products' Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges complement the IntellisysTM throttle valves and adaptive pressure controllers with vacuum pressure measurements of superior accuracy and repeatability. Cost effective unheated miniature gauges using analog circuitry meet many monitoring and control applications in the 10 to 1000 Torr range. In addition, for critical process control and exacting accuracy and stability requirements, Nor-Cal Products is pleased to be able to offer a line of digitally enabled ceramic based sensor capacitance diaphragm gauges. These gauges are available in full scale ranges from 100 mTorr to 1000 Torr in unheated as well as self regulated temperatures of 45°C, 100°C and 160°C. Nor-Cal Products’ CDG’s are 100% electrically and mechanically compatible with competitive gauges for easy replacement installations. The gauges are also CE, SEMI, UL and RoHS compliant. 

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