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Downstream Pressure Control

IntellisysTM components fulfill downstream pressure control system with high-performance, closed-loop motor control throttling butterfly, pendulum, and gate valves, controllers and pressure gauges. Reduce time to pressure setpoint and increase tool throughput with over 100,000 control resolution steps and a 20x speed increase. Choose from stand-alone buried box or on-valve DSP-powered adaptive pressure controllers compatible with many available host communications interfaces such as DeviceNet, Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS-232, RS-485, and Analog/TTL. A Universal Valve Drive, a motor drive product, can be tailored to fit most other manufacturers’ valves to greatly improve their pressure control performance at a reduced cost. Capacitance diaphragm gauges feature an ultra-stable ceramic diaphragm, advanced digital circuitry in all unheated and heated models, and are available in common ranges. Popular fittings and connectors are offered.

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