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All Metal & Leak Valves

Leak valves are used for controlling gas introduction into high- and ultra-high vacuum systems. They utilize an optically flat sapphire poppet and a metal seal seat, allowing bakeout temperatures to 450ºC. These valves are manually actuated by a cantilever arm with precision adjustment threads. The adjustment knobs can be set to allow controlled leak rates as small as 1x10-10 Torr l./sec. Replacement sapphire and gasket assemblies are available. Bakeable all-metal seal angle valves are intended for use in UHV or cryogenic applications where temperature extremes preclude the use of our elastomer seal valves. Approved for use in beamline facilities, these valves have a temperature operating range from -250ºC to 400ºC and a vacuum range to 1x10-10 Torr. All metal valves have an easy to replace copper seal that you access through the bottom and side ports of the valve. The pulled port method is used for the fabrication of the stainless steel bodies resulting in higher conductance and better cleanliness. Heater jackets and controllers are available.

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