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Nor-Cal Products, Inc. is now a division of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

Thomas Deany, CEO Nor-Cal Products, Inc. & Dr. Matthias Wiemer, COO Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG


Thomas Deany, CEO Nor-Cal Products, Inc. & Dr. Matthias Wiemer, COO Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG

To our valued customers,

We are pleased to announce that Nor-Cal Products, Inc. is now a division of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG as of June 22, 2017.  By adding Nor-Cal Products' 335 worldwide employees to the Pfeiffer Vacuum team, we become over 2,800 strong worldwide.  

Thomas Deany, CEO of Nor-Cal Products, stated with assurance, "This merger significantly strengthens the position of Nor-Cal Products in the increasingly attractive and competitive global vacuum component marketplace.  We will continue to operate and support our customers as we have in the past but with the added resources, expertise, and support provided by bringing the two companies together. The management team will remain in place and I will continue as CEO of Nor-Cal Products."


Nor-Cal Products will benefit from the strength of Pfeiffer Vacuum as a leading global supplier, with their broader product portfolio, new technology solutions, and extensive sales network. Pfeiffer Vacuum will benefit from Nor-Cal Products' manufacturing expertise, exceptional customer support and reputation for unparalleled quality and integrity.  Vacuum science has inspired both companies to top achievements in service to industry and research.


Founded in 1890 in Wetzlar, Germany by Arthur Pfeiffer, the Pfeiffer Vacuum name is synonymous with innovative solutions and technological advancements.  Now headquartered in Asslar, Germany, Pfeiffer Vacuum is a leading global provider of high-tech vacuum solutions for the semiconductor, industrial, coating, analytical and R&D markets.  Pfeiffer Vacuum manufactures a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, backing pumps, measurement and analysis devices, and vacuum components.


Founded in 1962, Nor-Cal Products quickly became a premier supplier of custom and standard components exclusively for the vacuum industry.  Today, Nor-Cal Products is renowned worldwide for the design and manufacturing of highly configured premium-quality vacuum components, chambers, and valves utilized in all segments of industry and research requiring vacuum science.


Nor-Cal Products is dedicated to improving and expanding our products and services, supporting organizations that promote vacuum science, and to working hard to remain your trusted source for vacuum components. Nor-Cal Products is where precision, innovation, and quality meet and exceed your needs and the demands of vacuum science and industry to improve the world we live in.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns: ncteam@n-c.com or call us at 800-824-4166.
Learn more about Pfeiffer Vacuum at  www.pfeiffer-vacuum.com.  
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is listed on the German TecDAX stock index.  

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