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Custom Chambers and Capabilities

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Our reputation as a premier vacuum chamber fabricator is built on the high-quality, appearance and performance of our stainless steel and aluminum chambers and custom components. Chamber bodies can be spherical, cylindrical or rectangular. Water-cooled chambers and flanges with double walls or channels offer solutions for diffusion CVD, and other high-temp applications. 

Our welded ultra-high vacuum aluminum chambers provide several advantages including low material cost, light weight, high thermal conductivity, low nuclear activation, and low magnetic permeability. On request, Nor-Cal can assemble an entire system including chamber, frame, pumps, gauges, valves, manipulators and other components built to customer specifications.  Our vacuum technicians can complete a thorough qualification of system performance,including time to base pressure and RGA scan, before the system is back filled with nitrogen and shipped to the customer.


From our 85,000 square foot, ISO and ASME U Stamp certified facility, we supply one-off chambers designed from customer specifications for university or national laboratory research projects, as well as production quantity chambers that are built-to-print for equipment manufacturers. Thin-film deposition and compound semiconductor processing are common applications for our high-vacuum, o-ring sealed chambers that commonly operate at pressures down to 1x10-9Torr. Water-cooled chamber walls and flanges are commonly provided for high temperature applications, such as MOCVD. Metal seals are recommended for ultrahigh vacuum surface science chambers that operate at pressures in the 1x10-11 Torr range.


In-house electropolishing improves the vacuum performance of 304 stainless steel as well as vacuum fired 316L material for XUHV applications. Nor-Cal can provide cylindrical and rectangular chambers up to about five foot square with doors, stands or Mumetal shields. (Consult the factory for exact capabilities.)


To complete your system, Nor-Cal Products offer over 6,000 standard vacuum components that include isolation and pressure control valves, sample transfer and positioning devices, liquid and electrical feedthroughs, viewports and roughing components.  Because Nor-Cal manufactures tees, elbows and other weldments in-house, fabrication of exhaust weldments is possible from a single piece of tubing. This eliminates numerous welds, manufacturing steps, improves cleanliness and fit ,while reducing cost. Savings of up to 30% are possible with this technique.  Nor-Cal Products employs lean manufacturing techniques that combine bottleneck management and KANBAN with traditional MRP for production scheduling and capacity planning. Small lot sizes and standardized routings maximize scheduling flexibility.

We'd appreciate the opportunity to assist with your projects. Our estimators can provide a quick quotation from your specifications or drawings. Send RFQs and Print files to prints@n-c.com.

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