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CleanBlu© High-Temp Cloth Heater Jackets offer energy efficient process control

With Nor-Cal Products’ new energy-efficient CleanBlu© high-temp cloth heaters and insulators you can achieve uniform temperatures; increase productivity; reduce condensation, build-up and contamination, while decreasing maintenance throughout your entire line.


CleanBlu© energy efficient heater technology is ideal for a wide range of applications, including gas lines, exhaust lines, forelines, valves, vacuum bake-out, and small or unique geometries.


Specific requirements are not a problem since CleanBlu© Heaters come in a variety of materials, such as Teflon® fabric, and in thicknesses to match your process temperature requirements up to 482ºF (250ºC).


Heaters are sewn for an exact fit upon the piece to be heated or insulated. System maintenance is easy with durable, reuseable hook and loop fasteners. Heating elements are helical wound resistive wire on a fiberglass core that allows the wire to expand during thermal cycling with minimal metal fatigue for longer life.

To request a quote or more info, please call 1.800.824.4166


CleanBlu© Heater Jackets:

• Reduce condensation
• Reduce build-up
• Reduce contamination
• Increase productivity
• Decrease maintenance
• Energy savings
• Cool to the touch
• Long service life

Custom heaters include:

• Heated traps
• Kapton and tube internal vacuum chamber heaters
• Gas delivery systems
• Ion pump heaters & others
• Custom heater jackets for specific agency
compliance (i.e. CE, NEC 427, Semi S2-93)

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