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Solve system challenges with our robust isolation valves



Nor-Cal Products offers vacuum isolation valves for a broad range of sizes, pressures and applications. Our pneumatically actuated poppet valves are standard on semiconductor equipment because of their robust design and edge-welded AM 350 stainless steel bellows, which provide full-opening conductance. Copper seal bonnet and manual all-metal valves are available for UHV applications.

N-Series and Genesis modular valves were designed specifically for semiconductor equipment that require million-cycle reliability, small footprint and low-cost soft start and heating options. Additionally, Nor-Cal provides traditional linear as well as low-particulate pendulum style gate valves for isolation of high vacuum pumps and UHV chambers. We also offer a selection of leak valves, manual butterfly valves and pneumatic and manual ball valves.



Poppet Valves
Our poppet valves are fully opening for high conductance and to prevent bellows contamination while the valve is in the open position, reducing particle contamination when the valve is cycled. Our bodies are die-formed from 304 stainless steel to eliminate sharp inside corners and improve conductance. The valves are electropolished for lower outgassing and better corrosion resistance. The welded bellows are made from AM-350 stainless steel to provide excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility. They are designed with additional segments to provide extended life.
Ball Valves
Ball valves are a low cost, manually or pneumatically operated, straight through isolation device. Their simple, robust design provides high reliability in “dirty” applications. They are commonly used on MOCVD and CVD equipment downstream from the chamber or vacuum pump to isolate traps or abatement tools. A machined stainless steel body and PTFE seat make these valves ideal for corrosive environments. Other applications include vacuum and other facilities requirements.

Linear Gate Valves
Our linear gate valves have an ultra-slim profile, which makes them perfect for applications where space is limited and their smaller volume results in lower outgassing and faster pumpdown. Larger sizes have a unique feature in the actuator, which dampens the vibration, which can arise when the gate is opened. This makes these valves ideal for semiconductor and other vibration sensitive processes.
All-Metal Valves
Nor-Cal Products bakeable all-metal seal angle valves are intended for use in UHV or cryogenic applications where temperature extremes preclude the use of our elastomer seal valves. Approved for use in beamline facilities, these valves have a temperature operating range from -250°C to 400°C.
N-Series Poppet Valves
N-Series poppet valves feature an innovative, compact design with an MTBF of 3 million cycles. A bellows-sealed stem and electropolished stainless steel body provides long life even in the most demanding applications. Standard pneumatic actuation is normally closed. N-series valves are available in right angle or angle-in-line body styles with tube ends, NW flanges and CF rotatable flanges. Optional air solenoids are available in multiple voltages and can be ordered factory installed or as separate kits for easy field installation.
Leak Valves
Leak valves are used for controlling gas introduction into high and ultra-high vacuum systems. They utilize an optically flat sapphire poppet and a metal seal seat, allowing bakeout temperatures to 450ºC.


Manual Butterfly Valves
These FKM O-ring sealed valves provide a low-cost alternative to bellows sealed gate valves. Quarter-turn actuation, small footprint and the shortest possible gas path make manual butterfly valves the preferred choice for many applications.


We'd appreciate the opportunity to assist with your projects. To request a quote click here or send RFQs and Models/Prints to ncsales@n-c.com.  You may also contact us at 1-800-824-4166




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