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Pfeiffer Vacuum - Keeping it in the family!


Keeping abreast of the latest news with your smartphone, seeing better thanks to high quality eyeglasses, and discovering the world independently while on the go in your car – these and many other conveniences of everyday living would be impossible without vacuum. Pfeiffer Vacuum, and its family of strong subsidiary companies, offer comprehensive solutions that are indispensable for manufacturing these products we take for granted in our daily lives.  Below, you will find a brief description of all the members of the Pfeiffer Vacuum group and the solutions they offer.  We appreciate your interest in finding out why Nor-Cal Products is now stronger than ever.  This is because we are stronger together! 



For more than 125 years, Pfeiffer Vacuum has served as a guarantee for high-end vacuum technology, a high quality comprehensive solution, and first-class service. Pfeiffer Vacuum is constantly optimizing and expanding its portfolio to be able to provide customers with the best possible vacuum solutions for their particular use.


  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Measurement & Analysis Devices
  • Leak Detectors
  • Systems


Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
Nor-Cal Products, Inc. was incorporated in 1962 to serve the emerging vacuum industry. Today, Nor-Cal Products is an industry leader for manufacturing highly-configured custom vacuum chambers and components and a preferred supplier for over 6000 standard vacuum components.  Nor-Cal Products' engineering and manufacturing expertise and commitment to excellence compliment and help to complete the Pfeiffer Vacuum products and services goals to be the one source global supplier for vacuum applications.  
  • Custom Chambers & Weldments
  • Viewports, Add-a-Doors & Glass Adapters
  • Isolation & Pressure Control Valves
  • Foreline Traps & Filters
  • Flanges, Fittings & Hardware
  • Liquid & Electrical Feedthroughs 
  • Thin Film Deposition Devices
  • Thermal Solutions


ATC by Pfeiffer Vacuum

Advanced Test Concepts (ATC) is an Indianapolis based company founded in 1988. ATC is a leading supplier of precision industrial leak and flow test products and solutions based on ATC’s patented Micro-Flow technology. ATC currently serves multiple industries including the automotive, life sciences, and consumer electronic industries.


  • Pressure Leak Testing
  • Vacuum Leak Testing
  • Leak Testing Software
  • Custom Leak Test Machines
  • Flow Calibration Equipment



Dreebit was founded in 2006 with the vision to open up the commercial market for sources of highly-charged ions. One year later, the business unit Vacuum Service was established. Today, Dreebit adds ion beam sources and special systems to Pfeiffer Vacuum's vacuum solutions, plus the ability to repair, maintain and decontaminate vacuum pumps, vacuum components and measurement equipment.


  • Ion Beam Sources
  • Special Systems
  • Vacuum Service