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Quality & Mission Statements

Quality Policy

Nor-Cal Products Quality Policy commits us to:
  • Achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis
  • Constantly strive for continuous improvement in manufacturing processes, product quality, and on-time delivery
  • Present quality and service to staff as cornerstones of customer satisfaction and a requirement for meeting strategic goals
  • Strive to provide best-in-class products and services that surpass customer expectations, provide innovative competitive advantages and continued value

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, innovative vacuum products dedicated to the advancement of science and technology.
To be the first choice supplier of vacuum products, to consistently grow faster than our competitors, and to have the reputation of being a great place to work.
Nor-Cal Products delivers confidence. Exceptional customer service is our culture. Every employee contributes to our success. Positive attitudes are infectious. Give respect and earn respect.

Quality Statement

Nor-Cal Products, Inc. is dedicated to continual improvement of our manufactured and purchased goods through the implementation of a carefully planned quality program. Quality improvements at Nor-Cal Products have been mandated and implemented with the full support of senior management. It is our belief that quality is built into a product. We will eliminate defects by reducing the variables in all processes relating to manufacturing. We will strive to meet our primary goal of 100% customer acceptance by manufacturing defect-free parts with on-time delivery, competitive pricing and the best possible customer service. Nor-Cal Products' use of statistical methods in manufacturing, training programs and continuous improvement of equipment are evidence of our commitment to this goal. While management takes the ultimate responsibility for Nor-Cal quality, service and productivity, each employee can take credit for his or her contribution to our success, and is responsible for the implementation of quality in their particular area. We are all participants in the creation of a "quality ethic." Senior management fosters an atmosphere of cooperation not only throughout Nor-Cal Products, but also with customers as well as suppliers. Our purpose is to create a team dedicated to the improvement of quality by finding creative solutions to our industry's manufacturing problems. Building quality into Nor-Cal Products components is our most important task.